El Sabor de Mexico

One of the most incredible things about Mexico is its food, and sampling the local cuisine is always a treat. You won’t find it, however, in the larger restaurants that cater to the tourists. Watch where the locals eat, and that’s usually where you will find the best flavors – el sabor mas mejor.tmp_7465-Fruit Stand 080216-574420084 In the streets of Guanajuato, and in it’s large Mercado Hidalgo, you’ll find vendors selling fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood, meats, and traditional tacos, pastries, and juices. One of my favorite finds on this trip has been a small café near Plaza de Angeles selling rotisserie chickentmp_7465-rotisserie chickens 080516-564207908Perfectly seasoned and cooked to juicy perfection in a wood fired brick oven, they are a popular item, and if you want to take home a pollo entero for dinner, you had best get there early, because they sell out quickly. tmp_7465-shrimp cocktail 0804161060028750Another tasty find was the shrimp cocktail at Mariscos de Playa, a seafood stand in the Mercado Hidalgo. Plump shrimp in a spicy cocktail sauce and an ice cold Coca Cola makes a perfect lunch after doing some shopping in the market. If you really want to experience the flavors of Mexico, sample some street food on your next trip. You won’t be disappointed.


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