A Little Prayer Never Hurts

As anyone who has ever ridden in a Mexican bus or taxi can attest, the drivers only know one speed – muy rapido. Probably explains the crucifix hanging in every taxi and bus. tmp_23787-bus with cross 080516-78499476.jpgThe narrow, steep, and twisting streets of Guanajuato don’t slow them down in the least, and Guanajuato also provides an additional bit of excitement in the form of tunnels. They were constructed under the city in the early 19th century to divert water from the river during the rainy season and prevent the city from flooding. During the 1960’s, a new and deeper diversion tunnel was constructed and the old river tunnels were repurposed to provide subterranean transportation routes complete with taxi and bus stops. tmp_23787-tunnel 080516-1048775151Stairs provide access to the streets above, and there are sidewalks so narrow in many places that to pass someone requires stepping off the sidewalk into the traffic lane. Hurtling through the tunnels in a taxi is not for the faint of heart and is only slightly less disconcerting in a bus.  So, when you step onto that bus or get into a taxi in Guanajuato and head into the tunnels, hang on tight, and remember – a little prayer never hurts.


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