Work Never Stops

Guanajuato is known for its narrow streets and alleys. After a long bus ride down through Mexico, I arrived in town and took a taxi to my lodgings for the week at Casa Lucy – that little gray speck way up top. Well, I almost arrived.tmp_20629-Truck in Calle Antigua Sirena 080216-1321867801 A construction crew was working on a new installation of escaleras between the streep switchbacks and had the street completely blocked. My taxi, along with a mother and her small children watched with trepidation as huge rocks were precariously loaded into the truck. Finally, the truck driver said “no mas,” and after driving up on the curb with the truck tilting in a rather unsettling manner, he lumbered past with his load and we all proceeded on our way. tmp_20629-morning view of mine 080316-735161948.jpgTravel often requires patience, and as usual it paid off with a great view of the city and the Mina de las Rayas. This morning I’m going to explore El Centro with its numersous plazas, but that mine. . . .I have to go there.


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