For the first time in over four years I’m taking an actual vacation. I’m going back to Mexico – the interior that is. I live near the border, so crossing over for things like shopping and dental appointments is pretty commonplace, but it’s been a long time since I’ve traveled in the interior of the country. I will be going to Guanajuato, a colonial-era city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a city that has a far more European look than most in Mexico. It’s also a place I’ve never visited before, so I’ve been pouring over Lonely Planet, and Mexican bus and plane schedules, but in the end I’ll probably end up just winging it. I mean, getting there is half the fun.view of guanajuatoThe only thing I know for certain is that while I’m in Guanajuato, I’ll be staying at Aunt Lucy’s GuestHouse and I’m already anticipating enjoying the view of the city from up on the hill. The picture is from Aunt Lucy’s Airbnb site, and it captivated me the instant I saw it because it’s not in the Zona Centro where most of the tourist sites are located. Yes, I will be  a tourist, and I’ll most certainly be visiting the various historic sites and markets, but one of the things I’ve always enjoyed doing in Mexico is getting back into the neighborhoods and meeting people in their own space. So, over the next few weeks I’ll continue to anticipate not only the opportunity to visit a beautiful city, but to meet new people and make new friends. And after all, isn’t that what travel is all about?



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