Bye Bye Little Pink Chair

Today was Dump Day in South County. The once every year or so day on which the county accepts heavy trash at the maintenance yard on Hwy 170. For me, that meant The Little Pink Chair finally went bye bye. The chair that broke and dumped me ass over tea kettle while having dinner with a really amazing guy.Little pink chair Seeing that broken chair just sitting there every day has been a thorn in my side for well over a year.If you live in a city, you probably  never even think about trash. You put your household trash out by the curb at night and the next day it vanishes into the vortex of city trash pick up. Once a month is Heavy Trash Day, and the big stuff disappears as well. The only evidence you may see of the effort that takes is a relatively small charge on your city water and waste bill each month. In a rural area, however – especially an extremely remote area, trash takes on a whole other life. There is no curbside trash pickup, and most of us pay for communal dumpsters into which we dump our household trash, but that doesn’t help with the “big stuff.” Mountain of TrashYou know, the construction debris, old mattresses, broken furniture, tires, and the other detritus of life. If you can’t burn it or recycle it, it just piles up until you have the time and the trailer to deliver it over 100 miles to the county landfill. But today was Dump Day, and I was finally able to say goodbye to The Little Pink Chair.


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