Sweet Relief

Summer in Terlingua will very quickly weed out the faint of heart, and June is the month that is usually the most brutal. It brings blazing heat without the cooling relief of the afternoon thunderstorms we get in July and August.  This is the month during which tourists who thought they wanted to live here tend to change their minds. There’s just something about the 100 plus degree temps and white hot skies that tend to send would be transplants scurrying back to cooler climes. This morning while having coffee at Espresso y Poco Mas, the local coffee shop in the Terlingua Ghost Town, the heat started feeling more than a bit oppressive. A number of tourists simply gave up and took their coffees to go in the air conditioned comfort of their cars. Roxi in Fountain 060516 One of our local canine residents, however, knew exactly how to handle the situation and quickly took advantage of the patio fountain to cool off a bit. Roxi didn’t even hesitate; just strolled up on the patio and hopped into the fountain to enjoy the sweet relief of cool refreshing water. Now that’s how you survive summer in Terlingua!



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