One Little Cloud

Last year, we were spoiled by wonderfully rainy weather in the late spring that turned the desert green and prompted wildflowers to bloom in abundance and to dot the hills with bright green ferns.  It’s one of my favorite plants, the Resurrection Plant, and with a little rain, it changes from something that looks like a dried up husk into a lush dark green ground fern. Resurrection FernThis year, however, has been particularly dry. The desert has remained rather brown and the Resurrection Plants have stayed dormant.One Little Cloud So, when I saw a little rain cloud drifting over Sawmill Mountain with more clouds billowing up behind, I was overjoyed at the thought of getting some rain -but,  then I turned around. Texas weather can change in an instant, and it can also occasionally just scare the bejeezus out of you. The cloud I saw was ominous looking -a dark, swirling mass with lots of little tails coming out of it. This cloud didn’t look like something I wanted to tangle with, but it was coming straight toward me. My phone suddenly started beeping with weather warnings, and Facebook lit up with people tracking the storm and giving warnings to people in its path.Storm Cloud After watching my porch rocker go flying over the fence like something out of the Wizard of Oz, I hunkered down in the kitchen to ride it out with my dog, Keelie, at my side. I’m still not sure who was shaking the most. When it was over, there was no major damage, the temp had dropped about 20 degrees, the sun was peeking through clouds that promised some more and gentler rain to come, and in thirty minutes I had accumulated 0.75 inches of rain in my rain gauge which means water in my catchment tanks. Best of all, is the smell of the desert after a rain! It’s fantastic, and it’s the smell of the desert coming to life. Bet my Resurrection Plants will be green and lush in the morning.


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