Terlingua Roadhouse

Moving a Tiny House 013116.jpgYou just never know what you will see on the roads of Terlingua. Years ago, I came across a rather creative man driving his car backward down the local highway because reverse was the only gear that worked. On my way home today, I met a house. A few days ago, the Tiny House was moved, at risk of life and limb, up one of the roughest roads on one of the steepest hills in the area. Most local drivers who are familiar with this scree slope – euphemistically referred to as a road, attack it in 4-wheel drive only.  The Tiny House owner, however, was apparently unfamiliar with this fact of life, and the first attempt to get it up the hill failed due to a seriously under powered tow vehicle. More muscular resources, i.e. a much bigger truck and a driver of great fortitude, were called in to get it to the top, and the successful effort was met with applause from the patrons of the coffee shop at the bottom of the hill. Unfortunately, after all that effort, the house had been moved to the wrong location.

Moving a Tiny House #2 013116 So today, the Terlingua Roadhouse as it has been called, was moved back down the hill. Hopefully, it is now situated on the correct site and will be lovingly and creatively restored to provide its owner with a unique and beautiful home. I look forward to seeing the final results.


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