What Do You See?

Desert Willow BloomToday, and for the next six days, I’m on EMS duty with the local ambulance service, and since I’m the only paramedic left in town this week, I’m pretty much stuck at the station for the duration.  EMS work can have it’s seriously adrenaline filled moments, but it can also have periods of sitting around without a lot to do. Today has been one of those sit around and wait days, so after getting the various station chores done, working on some continuing education modules, and spending several hours attempting to improve my Spanish with Rosetta Stone, I decided to kill some time playing with my camera.  The South County Emergency Services Building is a big stucco building in the middle of big gravel parking lot.  It’s tan and bland and isn’t the first place one would pick as a photo shoot location, but I wanted to play with some exposure settings so I headed outside anyway. Bird of Paradise Bloom #3I figured I’d end up using something fairly blah as a test subject and wasn’t expecting to get any decent pics, but as I walked around the building, I noticed that several of the plants still had some blooms on them. I started shooting, and pretty soon it dawned on me that I had been looking right past the beauty in my surroundings. It was there all along; I just didn’t see it.Yucca Bloom The camera lens, however, helped me see that beauty by making me focus on things I had been rushing past.  So, the next time you’re in a place that you feel has no beauty to it, pick up a camera, even if it’s your phone, and focus.  You may be surprised at what you see.


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