Rain Dance

The first hint of a cooling breeze carried a whiff of creosote bush and promised some sweet relief from the afternoon heat. Looking out the window, I could see the rain clouds beginning to form. Clouds through Window  We desert dwellers eagerly anticipate the arrival of the rainy season, and have actually been known to run outside and dance in the rain. Several years ago, tourists watched in amazement as the Starlight Theatre, a local restaurant and bar, completely emptied of locals, including the bartender and waitstaff, who ran outside to twirl, skip, and dance their way around the porch and parking lot during a fast moving summer storm. That was a drought year, and to see actual precipitation was a rare event. Although we’ve had good rains this year, we still got a bit excited yesterday, and as the clouds built up and rain began to fall, Facebook lit up with people tracking the movement of the storm and reporting on rainfall amounts.Clouds Over Sawmill I watched with eager anticipation as the clouds rolled in over Sawmill Mountain and headed toward me. This storm was different from the spring storms that brought not just rain, but pounding hail, hurricane strength winds, jagged lightning, and sharp cracks of thunder that at times  made me want to join the dog in hiding under the bed. Instead of violence, this storm brought a soothing steady rain that lasted all night long. The sheet lightning backlit the clouds, and thunder sounded in long booms that rolled across the desert and echoed off the mountains.Rain It made for great sleeping, and I woke up to a rain soaked desert. This was a rain that marked the beginning of Rainy Season, the kind we have been waiting for; and yes, I got out and danced in it.


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