Bicycles, Birds and Balance

While sipping my morning coffee, I saw my cat looking with great interest at something out on the porch. Investigating, I found that a Ring Necked Dove had built a nest on the sprocket of my bicycle, and had pretty well settled in. How in the hell did I let my bike sit for long enough that it got used as a birdhouse and I hadn’t even noticed? Well, I could see the dove’s point. Suspended from the porch ceiling, the bike is high enough to be out of the way of cats and other predators, the frame and sprocket make a rather nice foundation for a nest, and the damn thing obviously hasn’t been ridden in quite a while. So why not build a nest on it? Might as well use it for something.Dove and Bicycle

The general condition of the bike, with its dust, rust, and general neglect painted a poignant picture of the situation and yielded a revelation that I might have notice earlier had I been paying attention. Somehow, I’ve let making a living get in the way of actually living.  Riding my bike, paddling my kayak, traveling, or spending time studying things I’m really interested in, have been put on the back burner to the things that have to get done for work. I recently watched a video by Prince Ea in which he stated that most people die at 25 but aren’t buried until they’re 75. In other words, they give up on their dreams. I may be bit older than 25, well more than twice that actually, but giving up on dreams isn’t an option. So I guess it’s time for some metaphorical spring cleaning. Out with the stuff that isn’t working, keep the stuff that feels right, and be willing to take a risk on some new (ad)ventures. Granted, it’s necessary to earn enough to pay for those pesky things like food and shelter, but I should be doing that with something I really enjoy. Or maybe it doesn’t have to be just one thing. Maybe it could be a mix of several things. I’m not exactly sure how it’s all going to work out, and the process may be a little scary, but I’m pretty sure that once I shake the dust off and do some rearranging life will fall into a better balance and those dreams and ideas will have a chance to become reality.


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