Where Do You Put The Bed?

TBedroomhe average house built in the U.S. last year was 2600 square feet.  In Terlingua, the average size is much smaller.  Most of us have fairly small, some might say tiny, houses with relatively large outdoor spaces.  My house is composed of  a 468 square foot main room, the original structure; a 180 square foot room that could be called a three season room or solarium; a separate 96 square foot bathhouse; and roughly 950 square feet of covered, but open porch areas.  As you can probably tell from the ratio of indoor to outdoor space, I spend a significant percentage of time outside. Also, I’m off-grid on solar power (no air conditioning) so the windows, and there are a lot of them, are open most of the time.  Consequently, even when I’m inside, it feels like I’m outside.  I’ve become very accustom to feeling that connection with the outdoors, and it actually feels somewhat strange when I’m in the big city in a house with central air and heat that completely separates me from breezes and fresh air.  Bottom line, I love my house. So what’s the problem? Well, when it comes to furniture arrangement  figuring out what goes where can be a little challenging.  One big question is, “Where do you put the bed?”  It seems so simple – in the bedroom, of course. But, what if you don’t really have a traditional bedroom?  Not sure who decided that our living space should be divided up into little categorized boxes, but the whole idea seems to seriously limit our ability to use our living space in creative and efficient ways. Today, I rearranged things and switched the bedroom and living room areas so that the bed is now in the main room with the kitchen and the living room is in a more porch like area. And you know what?  It works – really well. Even though I still need to do some repainting.  So, put your bed where it works best for you, and forget about the labels on the floor plan, because they don’t really matter.  It’s all just space, and you can use it however you want.


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