Little White Boxes

White BoxLiving in a remote area, there will always be things that are harder to come by than if you live in a big city.  Out here, that’s food.  Not in the sense of basic grocery items, although selection can be somewhat limited at times, but in terms of a variety of international cuisine.  We have Mexican food, we have American food, and we have more Mexican food.  We have a pretty good pizza place, Long Draw Pizza – best in over 100 miles. We also have The Starlight Theatre which has good food and drinks, and The Boathouse is open again, serving excellent drinks and the best burger I ever tasted, but there is a dearth of international food choices in the area. In the entire region, actually.

So when I saw the little white box sitting in the teacher workroom yesterday, I began to salivate.  Thoughts of fried rice and stir fry danced in my head.  How long had it been since I had some great, or even good, Chinese food?  Unfortunately, our little white box from a textbook publisher only contained some fortune cookies with motivational statements about student success.  No stir fry, not even fried rice.  May be time for a road trip to a place where those little white boxes actually contain the Chinese takeout we all expect when we see one.


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