104 Hours

DSC_0090.NEF104 hours without electricity. It’s incredible how much we depend on things that we take so much for granted, and that we didn’t even have down here not that many years ago. When the power came back on, the cry was heard throughout the land – “We have power!  My cell phone is working! I have internet!” Out here on The Last Frontier, it’s surprising, and a little sad, how addicted we have become to having things like electricity, and especially to the internet.  When this all started, people immediately panicked  that they didn’t have cell phone and internet – that instant connection and instant gratification. Ten years ago, the need to make a phone call necessitated a trip to the The Porch and waiting in line for the pay phone to become available, but no one saw it as a hardship.  Have a cold beer, visit with friends and tourists, and wait your turn in line.  It was all about socializing – in person.  There are a number of visitors to the area that I am still in contact with that I met while waiting to make that phone call. So now we have instant connectivity and are able to avoid the trip to the pay phone. We don’t even have a pay phone on The Porch anymore. But are we really better off?  Sitting in our house, or staring at our computer screens at the coffee shop, and “communicating” while ignoring everyone around us?  Or was it maybe better when making that phone call required that we talk face to face with our friends, and maybe make some new ones? I have to admit that, I too, missed having texting available.  Sad, but true. But it also made me think about doing something that I haven’t done in a while.  Maybe I should write a letter.


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