$5 For a Bowl and Spoon

In accordance with Terlingua tradition, New Year’s Day was celebrated with the 25th Annual Black Eyed Pea Off held at the Ghost Town Porch.Loading up on Peas This annual gathering not only rings in the New Year, but raises money for a local non-profit. The beneficiary this year was Last Minute Low Budget Productions, our local theatre group. The talented people of LMLB put on several plays each year that are as good, or better than, some produced by professional theatre groups – and they do it with a lot less money. So this afternoon, locals and tourists gathered at The Porch for a good time and a good cause. They paid $5 for a bowl and spoon with which to sample cornbread and a pretty good variety of black eyed peas. Even the local dogs got in on the action and found a soft touch for some handouts.Dogs at Pea Off In addition to assuring their good luck in the New Year by dining on black eyed peas, the participants contributed money to either keep our local deputy in jail or to bail him out. He was eventually bailed out and released, but things were looking a little dicey for him for a while.Music at Pea Off They bought raffle tickets, held a cake walk, and listened to some good music. If there’s one thing we know how to do very well, it’s have fun. Today was no exception, and a good time was had by all.


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