Never Trust Texas Weather

I’ve lived in Texas my entire life and shouldn’t be surprised that the bright blue skies of this morning have given way to dark clouds, howling winds, and dire predictions of freezing precipitation overnight. Actually, it doesn’t take much below about 50 degrees to send Texans into a complete state of panic, but this has the potential to be fairly messy – complete with icy accumulations and road closures. This morning was absolutely beautiful, and I started the day having a cup of coffee on the patio at Espresso y Poco Mas while enjoying the warmth of the sun. But in the last several hours, the thermometer has shown a rapid downward trend, dropping 20 degrees in the last two hours on its way to a predicted low in the 20’s. That’s a little too cool for this warm weather loving desert girl. For tonight, I’m snuggled up in my cozy warm house getting ready to enjoy a warm, rich cassoulet – in other words, white bean soup with meat. Tomorrow, I have plans outdoors, and it could be rather chilly. But as the saying goes in the world of outdoor guides, “There’s no bad weather, just bad gear.” So tomorrow morning, I’ll put on my long undies and fleece and head outside to test some gear.DSC_0145.NEF


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