Diving In

121914 - Rock Surfer #2Diving into the world of blogging is a new experience for me. Although I have done some writing in the past, I have never blogged. Several weeks ago, however, I was given the task of overseeing a student blogging project, and my immediate response was, “What? No, no, no! I have no idea how blogging works!” All of my arguments, however, were for naught. I teach in a very small high school where multitasking is the name of the game. My official title may be “math teacher,” but my actual classes run the gamut from math to computer to health to speech to a vocabulary/writing tutorial to, according to my contract, “whatever duties may from time to time be assigned.” The most recent of those duties seems to be to figure out the world of blogging so that I can guide some students through their own blogging project.

Something I frequently tell my students is that you learn by doing – whether it’s working a math problem, splinting a broken leg, or writing a blog. So, here I am, composing my very first ever blog post. After tossing around a number of ideas for very specific, and focused, blog topics, I ultimately decided to blog about the great variety of things that make life in Big Bend so fascinating. Although all blog posts will relate in some way to this area, I give you fair warning. The specific topics could, and most likely will, vary wildly. Yes, I am aware that most blogging experts advise strongly against this strategy, but I want to have fun with this project, so I’m ignoring them. Over time, I’ll find out what works and what doesn’t. Is anyone interested in what I have to say? Am I sending my posts into the oblivion of the web? Or are you having fun reading this? Let me know readers. I look forward to hearing from you.


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